Creature Dice / Minimalist Miniatures (6 Pack)


Oversized Creature Dice Six Pack (one of each color)

  • One Die Takes The Place of 6 Miniatures
  • 6 Pack = 36 Miniatures!
  • Orc, Goblin, Human, Elf, Kobold & Undead 
  • Roll A Random Encounter!
  • Large 1 Inch Size Perfect for Most Battle Grids & Mats
  • Patent Pending

Minimalist Creature Dice are 1 inch cubes that can be used instead of miniatures for table top role playing games. 

These Minimalist Creature Dice are the perfect for the seasoned Game Master or someone who is just starting out as a Dungeon Master. One of these dice can replace 6 standard miniatures. A set of 6 of these dice is the equivalent of having 36 different miniatures at your disposal. 
They are clearly marked with the name of the creature and minimalist artwork that make them easy to discern at a glance. The creatures represented are GOBLIN, ORC, UNDEAD, KOBOLD, HUMAN & ELF. These were chosen among other reasons because they are creatures that are commonly encountered in a lot of games and often the most likely creatures for early level adventurers to come up against when starting a campaign. 
The idea of having multiple colors is to make it easy to tell which creature is which and to differentiate between different types of the same creature (melee, ranged, magic, npc, big boss, etc).
No other miniatures or battle grids included just the Creature Dice.

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Oversized Creature Dice Six Pack / The 6 in 1 Minimalist Miniature for RPGs like D&D