All-In Poker Chip Silver


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All-In Poker Chip that is clad in .999 Silver, making it a great collectors item in addition to a useful tool regardless if you’re purchasing one for yourself or getting a whole set for your poker table.

The All-In Chip was made famous by the WSOP. Instead of verbally saying “all-in” players were given an “all-in chip” that they could simply throw into the pot to indicate that they were all-in. This not only solves the problem of the other player not hearing you from across the table, but it also allows players to reduce the number of tells they give off. These All-In Chips are far superior to the ones used at the WSOP which were made of clay. These hefty metal chips create a satisfying feeling when thrown into a pot, and their metallic nature causes them to be unmistakable from your other chips.

Free clear hard protective case included.

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1, 10 Pack